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Some of Italy’s best beaches - Boat tour

The strategic location of Casale Cerreto will allow you to easily reach the most beautiful beaches of the Cilento coast, such as those of Marina di Camerota, Scario, Palinuro, and the Gulf of Policastro, discover fantastic and picturesque routes in the Cilento National Park, hiking , boat trips and visit local food producers in the area.
Here are the most popular beaches!

cala bianca Cala Bianca

Recently voted the best beach in Italy for its ecological credentials by the Italian Environmental League. This beach is inaccessible by land and retains a wild charm that only the absence of mankind is able to create.

Typically people moor their boat some distance from the beach and swim ashore, emerging from the azure water onto the white beach as if in a dream.
spiaggia dei francesi The beach of the French / La Spiaggia dei Francesi

A short trip by a local ferry-boat will bring you to this unspoilt wilderness, some three kilometres from Scario. A true to life description might resemble the setting from a novel in the romantic tradition; hemmed in by tall mountains on either side.

During the summer months, people moor their boats in the natural bay and swim ashore to eat typical barbequed meat
prepared by the places only permanent residents – a shepherd and his family.
After dark, fires are lit and music starts, accompanied by the waves and watched over by the stars.
spiaggia La Francesca La Francesca

A beautiful pebble beach extending beneath spectacular cliffs, a short distance from the delightful marina-town of Scario.
The water is so clear that the rocks are seen equally above and below the water.
You can swim out to explore the spectacular rock formations but take care to avoid their sharp edges and population of spiny sea urchins!
spiaggia dei gabbiani Spiaggia dei Gabbiani

Spiaggia dei Gabbiani is a fantastic place for whoever wants to explore the Cilento coast by boat, following the route of Ulysses, who in Homer's tale sailed these waters and encountered the beautiful and enchanting sirens.
These mythical creatures tempted sailors to jump ship and drown, drawn by their magical and seductive song.

The poem tells how Ulysses managed to resist their allure by filling the ears of his men with wax and having them men bind him to the mast of his ship.
You need take no such precautions however, and diving in off the boat need only be accompanied by the sounds of good times with your companions.

Boat tour

Tours by boat can be organised on request, departing from the lively marina of Policastro. Guests may opt between a day or half day cruise on pleasure boats of around twenty feet, with a bathing platform and a space below deck to shelter from the sun.

pranzo in barca We envisage these tours to be conducted under the supervision of a captain connected with the boat hire company, who knows the route along the Infreschi coast and how to access its secluded beaches.

However, if desired and subject to the tour company’s agreement, guests with a maritime driver’s license may take a boat on their own and enjoy the pleasure of exploration for themselves.

Policastro is possessed of a beautiful modern sea front complete with a bar and restaurant right on the harbour.
After spending the day navigating the waves it is the perfect place to return to dry land.
Scario Palinuro Golfo Policastro