Villa Cerreto

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Mediterranean Cookery School

The cookery lessons we envisage will be optional and given to no more than ten people at a time, all over twelve years of age.
Activities will be organized for younger children and for those adults wishing to get to know the region outside of the kitchen alternative itineraries will be suggested and facilitated. The cookery lessons will normally take place in the morning, in preparation for lunch.
Afterwards there will be an excursion for those who wish, while the pool will be available for those who wish to take life really easy.

Our chef

Our chef for the week will be Marisa Bove, who has worked for the owners of Borgo Cerreto for many years, preparing dishes in the traditional style using local ingredients for the family and extended family.
Her skills include understanding which of her ingredients are best to use at a particular moment, in combination with which others and of course, having them all ready in time for the many guests the family are in the habit of inviting.

Ingredients: vegetable garden

The cookery school is partly sustained by the immediate vicinity of the Borgo Cerreto villa. Apple and pear trees are planted all around and some twenty metres from the house lies a vegetable garden that furnishes the kitchen with fresh natural produce for the best part of the year.
In recent years, the allotment has produced: marrows, onions, courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, peppers and chillies.

Dinner: where? How? When?

As a cookery school, naturally one of our main objectives is for you to enjoy what you make in the kitchen. Of course, the satisfaction of having other people enjoy what you have made is also another success we would like you to taste.
The dinners we have in mind, usually at mid day but also in the evening will be an opportunity for the chefs to bring together all the techniques they have learned.
The morning would be devoted to preparing food for lunch, dinner or even for meals the following day sometimes things just taste better after they have been left to stand. Provisionally, we envisage a civilised start at nine thirty to allow time for the various activities comprising the preparation of lunch, as well as the cookery lesson itself.
This would also allow time for guests wishing to pursue an alternative activity or morning excursion to go and come back again in time for lunch.
The weather in Summer typically means we will eat 'al fresco', seated around the enormous oak table under the portico.
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