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Trekking and outdoor pursuits

The Cilento National Park and the Diano Range have spectacular scenery which may be enjoyed both from above and from below.
Visitors to the area may scale high mountains cloaked in natural woodland or follow mountain streams as they cascade, often precipitously, down towards sea.
Centuries of erosion have created stunning waterfalls, hidden away in secluded gorges that continue to shelter wildlife and fauna of particular interest and beauty.
The region is well served by organizations specialising in guided walks, white water rafting and kayaking. Climbing up to some of the high places - while a form of exercise and exhilaration – is also incredibly revealing of the region’s turbulent past.
The defensive structures positioned on the hillsides and cliff-tops are testament to the once felt threat of invasions by sea and the need to take refuge.

Here are some itineraries that we suggest and are able to organise on request:

  • A walk from the village of San Giovanni a Piro to the beach “dei Francesi” (The Beach of the French)
  • A walk along the coast of the Infreschi
  • A walk on Mount Bulgheria (with transport to just below the summit)
  • A walk on Mont Antilia (with transport to just below the summit)
  • The exploration of caves and waterfalls

more trips:

bussento Bussento Cave

on its way from high up in the mountains down to the sea, the Bussento river has worn down ancient rocks hundreds of feet to create a winding canyon of sublime beauty.
Here wildlife and fauna continue to flourish, being almost out of reach of mankind.

Following the cascade to its source via a narrow footpath and wooden bridge brings willing adventurers to the mouth of an imposing cave.
Here the flow of water over time has created a natural cistern - a real geological rarity.
grotta di pertosa The Pertosa Cave – La Grotta di Pertosa

Found in the same locality of the marvelous remains of the Greek city of Poseidonia at Paestum, this natural cave is a subterranean wonder.
The caves are extraordinarily rare and though their enchanting beauty we may gain a geological insight into the formation of the lands around.
torri saracene Torri Saracene

During the fifteen hundreds the Viceroy of Naples recognised the need to protect the lands between Agropoli and Sapri from the incursion of pirates originating from Phoenicia (modern day Turkey).
The construction of six towers was ordered on the most prominent positions along this stretch of coast, often hundreds of meters above sea level.

They came to be known as the Saracen towers, recalling the aggressor whose arrival they were designed to detect.
Given the towers’ precarious positions, stone for their construction was cut as nearby as possible and even in-situ kilns were created on the hillside to create the lime mortar necessary to bond the structure together.
adorazione vergine Sea-born adoration of the Virgin the Protector

In Scario, a procession on water is performed every year on the 10 August to remember the episode whereby the Chapel of the Consolation acquired its curious statue of the Virgin.
In 1846, during a violent storm, the Captain of a ship travelling from Naples to Sicilys promised to donate the statue of the Virgin Mary on the ships prow to the first port in which they were able to shelter.

The boat successfully landed in Scario and the Captain, grateful for their deliverance, kept his word.


The Cilento region possesses many beautiful churches to be found both tightly knit into the fabric of its towns or as solitary structures at awe-inspiring heights.
Examples of religious architecture can be found from the whole arc of the region’s long history, with many sanctuaries originating from the Medieval or even Byzantine periods, later to be remodelled under Bourbon rule from Naples or repaired recently in response to wartime damage or natural disaster.

san giovanni a piro Although there are too many churches of historic interest to list here, we suggest you visit the sanctuaries of Santa Maria della Neve with its fantastic views or Sant Antonio Abate knit into the delightful town of Vibonati.

Alternatively you could combine a walking itinerary with the sanctuary of Pietrasanta at San Giovanni a Piro while the sanctuary of the Madonna dei Cordici is within easy reach of seaside town of Sapri.
Scario Palinuro Golfo Policastro