Villa Cerreto

Gianni and Alessandra invite you to come and marvel at the beauty of the Cilento region from the comfort of Villa Cerreto.
They will be delighted to point out the "must see" attractions nearby, but knowing the area well they can also share with you a host of lesser known places and beautyspots.
If desired, they may even accompany you along the footpaths leading from their own front door.

With the assistance of their local cook Marisa, they will also help you to appreciate something of the genuine Mediterranean diet, and the particular expression that it finds in Cilento. Marisa has her own small holding and when she is not helping Gianni and Alessandra she is out collecting the latest fruits and vegetables to come into season - the sign of a true Cilentan cook!
The organized excursions Gianna and Alessandra can recommend will naturally bring you into contact with the characters who comprise the local community - such is life in the South of Italy - and a warm Cilentano welcome is to be found wherever you go.

As they say in Italian: we await you! Vi aspettiamo!

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